Program Fee Schedule

2023-2024 Fee Schedule (Click here)

Member Registration:

In order to become a member in good standing with the Oakville Aquatic Club, each candidate must complete the online registration process including all forms and waivers, and they must make all required online payments by the due dates. The opportunity to register with OAK is communicated annually, and in all cases registration must be completed prior to an individual starting pool training. Any individual who is not a member if good standing will not be permitted to train with the Club. Individuals may register throughout the season provided they meet the eligibility requirements set by OAK. All Program Fees must be paid online according to the Program Fee schedule set by OAK.


Swim Ontario & Swimming Canada Registration Fees:

Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada are the governing bodies for swimming in Ontario, and OAK swimmers must be registered annually with both.  This registration requires the completion of forms and waivers, which must be completed for each registered individual prior to attending OAK training. OAK will pay the Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada registration fees on your behalf after your OAK registration and Swim Ontario / Swimming Canada forms have been completed.


Pursuant to article II of the club's By-laws, payment of stipulated fees are prerequisites for becoming and remaining a member of the club. No swimmer shall be allowed to participate in the activities of the club unless duly registered and in good standing with respect to the member's financial obligations.

Meet Fees:

Meet fees will be billed to your OAK account for all non-declined meets that your athlete is selected to attend. These must be paid within 30 days and are not refundable even if your swimmer does not participate in the meet. Please be sure to check the deadline to decline your meet attendance in order to ensure you are not billed for meets that you will not be attending.

Overdue Accounts:

All fees incurred are due on the first day of each month. The amount owed will be reflected on your account invoice summary. Overdue fees are subject to a $50 late fee penalty. If the membership dues are not paid within sixty (60) days of the membership due date, the Member in default will no longer be in good standing and automatically cease to be a Member of the Oakville Aquatic Club.


All withdrawals must be made in writing to the OAK Office. The effective withdrawal date is the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH that the written request is received by the club. In every case of withdrawal, OAK shall retain all previously collected program registration fees, however no additional program fees will be applied to the member account after that last day of the month of withdrawal. All previously incurred swim meet, special event and volunteer point fees will still be due and charged to the member account. The Oakville Aquatic Club will not release for transfer any member who has failed to meet their monetary commitment. Membership to the Oakville Aquatic Club is provided on a full year basis. Although membership installments are processed monthly, it should be understood that leaving the club prior to the end of the season is discouraged, and families should make every effort to commit to the full swim season. Withdrawals are subject to a $50 withdrawal fee.