Rowan's Law: Concussion Awareness Resources

On July 1, 2019 the Ontario Government introduced Rowan’s Law. Rowan Stringer was a teenager who died after suffering two concussions within a week while playing rugby. The legislation provides governance for the management of youth concussions in all sports.

Rowan’s Law makes it mandatory for OAK to:

1.  ensure that athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, coaches, team trainers and officials confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources,

2.  establish a Concussion Policy that sets out guidelines to support concussion prevention,

3.  establish Removal-from-Sport and Return-to-Sport protocols

OAK must collect confirmation from each swimmer and their parent acknowledging that Rowan’s Law: Concussion Awareness Resources have been reviewed.

Please read Rowan's Law: Concussion Awareness Resources.

Please read Rowan's Law: Concussion Code of Conduct

The OAK Policy Manual includes a Concussion Policy which aligns with the provisions of Rowan’s Law. For more detailed information on the OAK Policy Manual go to the OAK Board Documents webpage.